High Visibility Events, such as high-level sporting events or international gatherings, attract both desirable attention and dangers of CBRNe incidents. Undesirable elements, such as terrorists, are keen to steal the spotlight of high visibility events. Compounding this danger are budget and policy constraints, which may render event organizers inadequately prepared to respond to CBRNe threats.

Heyltex offers an innovative, economic, and flexible solution that supports your existing capability to manage a medical response to a public health emergency. A solution for situations in which you temporarily need additional medical products, staff or services. Instead of buying new equipment to bolster your current CBRNe defense countermeasures, you are now able to get access to such additional capabilities through a lease-access model: eventPOD™.

eventPOD™ is a product-service combination tailored to your specific CBRNe medical response needs. An eventPOD™ fills in the gap between the CBRNe threat assessment of the event and your existing capability to counter these threats. With the size of a sea container, or two, the eventPOD™ is placed at the event location, ready to be used should a CBRNe incident occur. If the high visibility event concludes, and no CBRNe incident has taken place, you simply return everything back to Heyltex. Renting the capability saves you the time and effort of storing, securing, and maintaining the added CBRNe medical response capability a high visibility event requires.